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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSVS1FC5013

Semester and Year Offered: 5th Semester (Monsoon Semester 2019)

Course Coordinator and Team: Mr Akha Kaihrii Mao, Dr Monal Dewle and Dr Shubhra Gupta

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: Semester 4

Course Objectives/ Description: Learning a foreign language is essential for the students of Tourism and Hospitality as it is an excellent way to make them aware of a new culture and diverse perspectives arising from a different social, political and economic background. It is aimed promotes self-reflection in trying to establish one’s identity in relation to the new culture.

Course Outcomes: After this course, students will be able to:

  • use simple phrases and sentences to describe what he/she does, where he/she lives and to talk about people he/she knows;
  • familiarize names, words and very simple sentences, on notices, posters or in catalogues; and communicate on social media and look for information that he/she needs ;
  • use basic grammatical structures which are important for basic communication to take place;
  • identify familiar words and basic phrases concerning him or herself, his/her family and immediate surroundings when spoken slowly and clearly; and
  • write short, simple texts like in postcards, invitations and informal letters or emails with a few details going beyond the basic information of name, time and place.

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

  1. Topics and Vocabulary: in this module, students will learn the basics of French language, French terms and learn basic communication in French.
  2. Grammar: In this module, students will also learn how to give advice using the imperative mode and other expressions in French and describe common activities and narrate their personal experiences
  3. Skills: In this module students will practice to speak in French with the help of Role-plays.

Assessment Details with weights:

Worksheets – pronunciation exercises 30% (Through the semester)

  1. Presentation 20%
  2. Mid-Semester 20%
  3. End-Semester 30%

Reading List:

  1. Chappey, Elisa et al., Le nouveau taxi ! 1, Paris : Hachette, 2009 (textbook and workbook)
  2. Hugot, Catherine et al.,Alter Ego + 1 : méthode de français : A1, Paris : Hachette,2012
  3. Grégoire, Maïa, Grammaire progressive du français – niveau débutant, Cléinternational, 2010


1.Websites :

  • (International French TV channel)
  • (International French Radio)

2.Youtube channels and podcasts for learning French :

3.A couple of French films from below can be selected and screened as part of the class activities:

  1. Bienvenue Chez Les Chtis (The film talks about French stereotypes within France)
  2. Molier (is a mixture of Moliere’s plays. He to French what Shakespeare is to English)
  3. Intouchables (Contemporary comedy that touches the issues of racism, community service and class differences)
  4. Effroyables jardins (is an emotional comedy about ordinary folk showing resistance against Germans when they were occupied during World War-2 )