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Foundation CoreSVS1EC4041

Semester and Year Offered: Winter Semester-4, Year-2019

Course Coordinator and Team: Fariha Siddiqui, Dr Sunita Singh and Sheetal Nagpal

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: The course focuses on the job role of supervisor (Level-6) in an early childhood centre. The course is meant to be offered to those who have specific knowledge and skills related to Day care facilitator (Level-5) offered in 1st year and skills of supervisors offered in semester-3 of the programme


The specific objectives of the course are to help students:

  • Develop professional skills of successful entrepreneurs
  • Reflect on the personality of entrepreneurs
  • Plan inclusive learning environment for the diverse learners
  • Learn practical skills to engage diverse learners

Course Outcomes:

After completing the workshop, students will be able to:

  • Provide hands on experience to students for their development as entrepreneurs of early childhood centres
  • Create inclusive settings in a day care centre
  • Plan and conduct activities with children of diverse age groups and abilities.
  • Demonstrate skills to engage all children in afterschool program
  • Build positive relationships in children and staff at the centre

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

Developing the ‘Professional’ Self

This workshop will build upon the ‘self-development’ workshop of semester-1. The sessions will help students to become open, reflective, curious, confident and organized early childhood practitioners. The workshops will also enable students to see their field placement sites as potential work spaces, engage with them and begin to understand the system and the field and learn about the professional self of their field supervisors.




Suggested readings


Professional ethics

  • Understand the professional ethics and attitudes to work as a supervisor

Coombe, K., & Newman, L. (1997). Ethics in Early Childhood Field Experiences. Journal for Australian Research in Early Childhood Education, 1, 1-9.


Brodhead, M. T., &Higbee, T. S. (2012). Teaching and maintaining ethical behavior in a professional organization. Behavior analysis in practice, 5(2), 82-88.


Abilities and attitudes

  • Reflect upon the abilities, attitudes and work efficiently as a team player


Increasing productivity

  • Reflect on the personal practices, behaviour and work style to increase productivity.


Team player

  • Understand the attributes of a team player


Placement site

  • Engage with the field placement site as a potential worksite



Assessment Type



In class participation and attendance



Short in-class assessments



Term end Assessment