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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSVS1RM1032

Semester and Year Offered: August 2018, 1st semester

Course Coordinator and Team: Nikhil Charak & External Experts

Email of course coordinator:

Pre-requisites: Class 12th passed, Aptitude test and Interview.

Aim: This course will help students to create a positive image of self and organisation in the customer’s mind, resolve customer concerns, organise delivery of reliable service, improve the customer relationship, and to effectively work in a retail organisation.

Course Outcomes:

Student will be able to:

  • Resolve customer concerns
  • Organise delivery of reliable service
  • Improve the customer relationship
  • Monitor and solve service concerns
  • Promote continuous improvement in service
  • Work effectively in a retail organisation

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

Module I: Customer Service (7hours + 3 hours = 10hours)

Customer Services and Characteristics; Service Quality; Customer Expectations; Personal Effectiveness for Better Service (Dos and Don’ts).

Module II: Creating Positive Image of Organisation (4 hours Theory + 3 hours Practical = 8 hours)

Organisation’s Image - Understanding Organisational Behaviour and Policies (store specific); Basic Etiquettes; Organisation Specific Customer Handling; Resolving Customer Concern; Organising the Delivery of Reliable Services; Interpreting Complex Information; Building Relationship with Internal and External Customers; Working Effectively in the Organisation; Creating and Analysing Data Base.

Module III: Managing Customer Service (4hours Theory + 2 hours Practical = 6 hours)

Customer Service Issues and Solutions; Informing and Analysing Actions; Leveraging on Customer Service; Customer Feedback - Recording, Responding and Addressing; Promoting Continuous Improvement in Customer Service.

Module IV: Customer Relationship Management (2hours+1 hour = 3hours)

Building and Improving Relationship; Customer and Organisation Needs; Managing Customer Expectations; Personalised Service and Selling; Meeting Company’s Customer Service Standards - Improving Customer Relationship; Client Record Keeping; Developing Relationships.

Module V: Customer Complaint Management (2hours+1hour = 3hours)

Understanding Customer Service Problems: Solution and Communicating Solution Options; Resolution of Customer Problems; Monitoring and Solving Customer Concern –Escalation Mechanism.

Assessment Details with weights:

Assessment Plan(weight, mode, scheduling) for the course



Period of Assessment



Assignments (Project/written assignment/portfolio)

After the completion of 1st and 2nd modules

Assignment 1 (Project)



After the completion of 3rd and 4th modules

Assignment 2





Class Participation

All through the semester





Reading List:

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