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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
SVS1EC102 Child Care, Development and Well Being 4
SVS1EC101 Early Childhood and Child Care Services in India 2
SVS1EC103 Health and Nutrition in the Early Years 2
SVS1EC104 Self Development and Entrepreneurship 1
SVS1EC105 Care of the Young Child 1
SVS1EC106 Health and Nutrition (Workshop) 1
SVS1EC208 Field-based Internship 7
SVS1EC201 Play, Learning and Development 2
SVS1EC202 Early Stimulation and Early Intervention 2
SVS1EC203 Building Partnerships with Parents 2
SVS1EC205 Material Development for Enhancing Play of Young Children (workshop) 1
SVS1EC206 Storytelling and Shared Reading (workshop) 1
SVS1EC207 Play and Engagement with Children (workshop) 1
SVS1EC204 Child Protection and Child Rights 2
SVS1EC207 Field-based Internship 7
SVS1EC301 Promoting Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy 4
SVS1EC302 Planning a Programme for Day Care 2
SVS1EC303 Developing Young Children’s Creativity 2
SVS1EC407 Field-based Internship 7
SVS1EC304 Creativity and Expression in the Early Years (workshop) 1
SVS1EC305 Conversations with Young Children (workshop) 1
SVS1EC306 Planning Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Activities (workshop) 1
SVS1EC401 Observing Young Children in a Child Care Setting 4
SVS1EC402 Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in a Day Care Centre 2
SVS1EC403 Providing Care to School-Age Children 2
SVS1EC404 Developing the ‘Professional’ Self (workshop) 1
SVS1EC405 Planning for an Inclusive Setting (workshop) 1
SVS1EC406 Activities for Children in After School Programme (workshop) 1
SVS1EC307 Field-based Internship 7
SVS1EC501 Inclusive Early Childhood Centre: Design and Setup 2
SVS1EC503 Understanding Children’s Social Emotional Worlds 2
SVS1EC505 Designing an Inclusive Centre (workshop) 1
SVS1EC504 Marketing of a childcare centre 2
SVS1EC507 Socio-Emotional Needs in Childhood years (workshop) 1
SVS1EC508 Field-based Internship 7
SVS1RM101 Introduction to Retail 4
SVS1RM102 Introduction to Retail Sales 4
SVS1RM103 Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management 2
SVS1RM201 Retail Store Operations 4
SVS1RM202 Advance Retail Sales Skills 4
SVS1RM203 Organisation and Team Dynamics 2
SVS1RM301 Advance Retail Store Operations 4
SVS1RM302 Visual Merchandising 4
SVS1RM303 Introduction to Store Management 2
SVS1RM401 Advance Store Management 4
SVS1RM402 Managing Organisation Dynamics 4
SVS1RM403 Experience Management (practical) 2
SVS1RM501 Buying & Merchandising Management 4
SVS1RM502 Application in Retail 4
SVS1RM503 Process Compliance, Loss Prevention and Shrinkages 2
SVS1FC001 English Proficiency Course 3
SVS1FC002 Competencies for Sustainable Employability Level 1 3
SVS1FC003 Social Connection and Engaged Citizenship (SC&EC) My Place in the World: Identity, Society and Power 3
SVS1FC051 Basic Computer Application and ICT 2
SVS1FC052 Financial Literacy 1
SVS1FC302 Life Competencies for Sustainable Employability (LCSE): Practitioner Level 2 3
SVS1FC303 : Examining Cultural and Entrepreneurial Landscape: An Example of Delhi 3
SVS1FC402 Economic Applications for Business 3
SVS1GE301 Introduction to French-1 3
SVS1VC302 Applied Hindi for Business 3
SVS1FC053 Numerical Application and Principles of Economics for Bunsiness 2
SVS1FC054 Legal Literacy & Rights Awareness 1
SVS1FC201 English Proficiency Course 2 3
SVS1FC103 Social Connections and Engaged Citizenship‒Democracy,Rights & Social Justice:Negotiating Power & Exclusion in Cont world 3
SVS1FC055 Engaging with Data 4
SVS1FC202 Life Competencies for Sustainable Employability (LCSE): Practitioner Level 1 3
SVS1FC203 Environment and Sustainability 2
SVS1FC204 Understanding Disability 1
SVS1FC501 Introduction to Basic French- II 3
SVS1FC502 Understanding Language Diversity in India 3
SVS1FC511 Life Competencies for Sustainable Employability (LCSE): Expert Level 1 3
SVS1FC521 Exploring India and its Diversity 3
SVS1FC532 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 1
SVS1TH101 Food and Beverage Services 6
SVS1TH102 Communication and Customer Services 4
SVS1TH103 Service Quality Standards 3
SVS1TH104 On-Job-Training 5
SVS1TH201 Conference and Event Planning 6
SVS1TH202 Product Planning and Development 4
SVS1TH203 Understanding the Environment and Development 3
SVS1TH301 Basics of Tourism 5
SVS1TH302 Components of Tourism 4
SVS1TH303 Tour Leadership and Management Skills 3
SVS1TH401 Industrial Training (5 Months) 24
SVS1TH501 Catering Management 5
SVS1TH502 Food Production Operations 4
SVS1TH503 Food & Beverage Management 3
SVS212201 Accommodation Management 4
SVS213301 Advance Management in Food and Beverage Operations. 4
SVS211102 Computer Applications for Tourism and Hospitality 4
SVS211103 Conceptualising Tourism & Hospitality 4
SVS212201 Destination Planning and its Management 4
SVS216601 Field Visit and Reporting 6
SVS211101 Tourism, Hospitality & Society 4
SVS213302 Food Safety Management 4
SVS211102 Introduction to Research Methods for the Service Sector 4