The School of Vocational Studies (SVS) at AUD was launched in 2017 as part of the university’s vision to reach out to youths of Delhi to pursue full-time or part-time tertiary education for getting prepared to participate effectively in the fast-growing economy through acquisition of skills and quality livelihood.

The Vision &Mission of the School are as below:


The School of Vocational Studies aspires to become leader in vocational education through unique, updated and industry relevant learning experiences & striving to social justice with excellence.


  • To bridge gaps between skill-profiles of graduates of AUD as required at the workplace set up through real life work environments.
  • To empower students with the skill-sets for meaningful employment and to become conscious citizens.
  • To equip students with entrepreneurial skills and ideas for creating jobs for themselves and for others.


SVS prioritizes in developing such academic programmes that may provide students with the required skill-set and strong academic grounding for meaningful employment and to become an enlightened citizen. The programmes are envisaged in such a manner that it focuses not only to fill the gaps as skilled professional for the relevant industries but also enable them to become self-employed, entrepreneurs, creators and generators of jobs for many more youths in their vicinity. SVS follows the University Grants Commission’s (UGC) guidelines for implementing the academic programmes.

Currently it offers four vocational programmes spanned over four years with multiple entry and exit options that lead to Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor of Vocation (BVoc) degree and BVoc degree in research in areas such as- (1) BVoc Early Childhood Centre Management and Entrepreneurship (ECCME), (2) BVoc Retail Management (RM), (3) BVoc Tourism and Hospitality (T&H) and (4) BVoc Accounting & Finance (A&F). The NSQF level and job-roles of the B Voc. Programmes are mentioned below:


Job Roles



Tourism & Hospitality

Retail Management


Accounting and Finance

Year 1


F&B Captain


Team Leader

Day Care Facilitator/ Assistant in ECD Programme

Accounts Assistant

Year 2


Tour Manager

Department Manager

Supervisor of Day Care Facilitators

Accounts Executive

Year 3

BVoc Degree

Assistant Catering Manager

Store Manager

Centre Head/ Entrepreneur

Accounts Manager

Year 4

B.Voc Degree with Research/ Voc. Pedagogy






Following broad categories of courses will be offered under the BVoc Programmes

  • Common Course (CC)
  • Generic Course(GE)
  • Job-Role Specific Courses (JSC)
  • Discipline Specific Course (DSC)
  • Discipline Specific Elective (DSE)
  • Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)
  • Value Based Education(VBE)
  • Outreach Experience (OE)
  • Internship /On-the job training Courses( IC)
  • Formulation of Research Proposal
  • Research Dissertation (RD)